According to new reports, Xbox is planning another round of remastered games, with Gears of War being the first to get the Halo: Master Chief Collection treatment.

In the gaming industry, remasters are big business, allowing players to relive their favorite games with improved graphics. Call of Duty franchises have capitalized on nostalgia with titles like CoD 4 Remastered, though it doesn’t always work out, as Rockstar discovered with their critically panned GTA Trilogy.

Microsoft and Xbox Studios have looked into remaking old games in the past, with the Master Chief Collection allowing Halo fans to play their favorite games from the franchise.

Now, it appears that they’re planning to use that formula once more, this time with Gears of War, another of their exclusive franchises.

It’s possible that this is just a coincidence, but it’s not likely. Warren’s choice of words was clearly a hint, though it’s impossible to tell whether it’s genuine or just him teasing Xbox fans.

There hasn’t been a new Gears of War game since 2019, and with five games in the series, a remastered collection would provide plenty of content for the time being.