Popular Twitch streamer and former Fortnite content creator Turner Tenny famously known online as Tfue has posted a clip on Twitter challenging his fans on editing the clip with the winner taking home a whopping $1000 through paypal.

Tfue, is an American streamer and esports player, best known for playing Fortnite. He is the second most followed twitch streamer on the platform with more than 10 million followers next to Tyler Blevins aka Ninja who has more than 16 million followers.

In the clip he recently posted on twitter, Tfue was chugging down a bottle of beer in his classic whirlpool style. Along with the clip, he also posted an exciting challenge for his fans as he captioned the clip, “Best TikTok edit gets $1,000 PayPal”, Tfue challenged his fans to make a TikTok edit of the clip he shared, and he is willing to pay $1,000 to the best entry. This has gained a lot of response from fans wanting to have the prize.

A $1,000 Paypal prize attracted thousands of fans to Tfue’s editing contest. Those who could even make the slightest of changes to the video replied to the clip with their best efforts and demanded their prize. However, most of the TikTok edits are just memes of him or extremely boring edits and then there are some who are completely unrelated to the clip Tfue shared. It seems like some of the fans treated the tweet as their TikTok meme dump, replying to him with random videos.

Regardless, the most popular submission for now had to be a Fortnite edit where a fan added the gulping noise of the shield potion from the Battle Royale game to the clip making it extremely hilarious. Tfue hasn’t described what the “best” TikTok for him is going to be. It is still uncertain whether it’s going to be his favorite pick, or the most liked and retweeted one but will eagerly wait for Tfue to announce who won the $1,000.