OTK streamer Tectone unintentionally shared the astounding sum he received as payment for a Lost Ark sponsorship, and his response was priceless.

Tectone was visited by OTK members Emiru and Mizkif in the middle of a routine stream, and they decided to check out the stream of the newest OTK member ExtraEmily. But something that surprised the streamer suddenly appeared on the screen. An Outlook notification with the subject line ‘BILL’ read: OTK Media, Inc sent you USD 35,000.00 Memo: Inv #LostArk. Yes, Tectone received a mouthwatering $35,000 payment from the game Lost Ark as part of a sponsorship deal. Additionally, Tectone freaked out at the disclosure as soon as he understood how absurd the information was to the typical viewer.

Tectone immediately changed the feed to his primary camera and then started to flip out, pacing the room. Emiru and Mizkif, meantime, were stunned that a private email could be exposed in such a foolish way as they stood there and stared at one other. Mizkif questioned, “You have emails show up on your main monitor?” Tectone replied, shouting; “I don’t know how to turn it off man!”

It is obvious that Tectone was amused by the email leak since he kept sarcastically attempting to persuade his audience that they had not seen anything. He also informed Mizkif that although the sponsorship was completed in November, he had not yet received payment when Mizkif and Emiru were leaving his room. He then checked his phone and even interrupted the live for a brief moment to ensure that the funds had successfully reached his account.

He joked; “If I got banned for that, that would’ve f***ing blown”