T-Pain, a well-known musician and Twitch streamer, recently described one of his strangest encounters with a fan, in which they followed him into a restroom and pretended to do their business.

Twitch has been used by a number of celebrities to build relationships with their fans and reach a larger audience. Logic, Post Malone, and Big Brother’s Dan Gheesling are among the notable celebrities who have turned to streaming.

T-Pain, on the other hand, is perhaps the best example of a celebrity musician integrating with the Twitch community. T-Pain is regarded as a true Twitch streamer, having participated in games with Ninja, appeared on Mizkif‘s gameshow, and even collaborated musically with Corpse Husband.

T-Pain is twice as vulnerable to awkward fan interactions because his fans come from two different sources. Indeed, he recently streamed one of his strangest encounters.

T-Pain and his wife Amber were chatting with viewers on Twitch when a comment brought up a time when T-Pain was angry on camera. The duo explained that you never really know what’s going on in a celebrity’s life at the time, and that many fans will begin photographing or filming them without asking or introducing themselves.

He went on to describe a time when he and Amber were driving south and needed to stop at a gas station. T-Pain claimed that the fan stood next to him in the urinal until he was finished, then followed him to the sink. He went on to compare how professional athletes and celebrities are treated.

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