Felix Lengyel, better known online as xQc, is a streamer who is renowned for being open and candid about his feelings whenever he encounters anything that seems utterly pointless and irrational.

In the most recent event, the well-known Twitch celebrity called out all the critics of TV personality and host of The Late Show James Corden, responding to the pervasive anti-comedian mentality. xQc responded angrily to individuals spreading unfavorable remarks online. He didn’t defend James Corden, but he did make some good comments about why the public figure is receiving unwarranted criticism.

British actor, comedian, and TV personality James Corden became well-known as the host of the late-night chat show The Late Show. Although he is well known to everyone, not everyone appreciates him for who he is both on and off the screen. As seen in the tape from another channel that xQc responded to, there is a reason why. 

James Corden had already established himself as a household celebrity in the UK prior to hosting talk shows, courtesy to his involvement in Gavin & Stacey. He won important accolades for this show and garnered a lot of appreciation from critics and audiences. Even if he has enough success that everyone admires him, there are some things that haven’t worked out well for him. There have been several persons who have spoken about their interactions with him. James didn’t appear to be the same person during the interviews, they said. They also discovered him to be fake and unpleasant. 

Similar occurrences are depicted in the film up top, and xQc only had one very intense reaction to them. He acknowledged that James Corden might not be a flawless person, but the criticism he is receiving is absurd. The TV host was heard talking about how things have influenced him thus far in life in one of the scenes he was watching in the video. In response, the Twitch star stated of the host, “He’s just jaded.”

Furthermore, he added that some who lack comprehension of basic ideas are simply too stupid and wish to dismiss someone for their own amusement. These folks, in exchange for amusement, seem to wish and promote public risk. It is simply so foolish. The majority of the objections raised against James in the aforementioned footage were unfounded, as xQc attempted to emphasize. They didn’t make sense to the point of being credible, in his opinion.