In response to Corinna Kopf’s accusations that she had previously advocated gambling, Imane “Pokimane” Anys has provided a statement.

Currently, there is a lot of conflict in the Twitch community due to persistent worries about the constantly expanding gambling industry. Pokimane and other well-known content creators recently discussed a potential strike in an effort to persuade Twitch to act, which it eventually did on Twitter. It is astonishing that Kopf accused Pokimane of promoting gambling given how outspokenly she has campaigned against gaming streams. Kopf shared Pokimane screenshots of a gambling website on her computer screen on social media. She tagged Pokimane and advised her to remove the screenshots from the video since it “promotes gambling.”

On Twitter, Pokimane brought attention to the shade and thanked Kopf for the “amazing suggestion.” 

Pokimane stated; “Now that you’ve lost your job promoting illegal crypto gambling websites, would you like to join my YouTube editing team? Is that what you’re asking here?” 

Pokimane added that she wasn’t even playing for money in the video. Her companion had broadcast the gambling stream that was visible on the monitor, not her. Given the sway Pokimane has over Twitch, Kopf jokingly reacted to Pokimane’s most recent stream by stating that she might attempt to get her “banned” from the platform. Kopf disagrees with Twitch’s decision to forbid gambling, in contrast to Pokimane, perhaps because a large portion of her material involves advertising gambling websites on her broadcasts. 

Kopf said; “Everyone is so soft nowadays. You are influenced to do so many things that are not good for you financially, physically, and mentally every day.”