Turtle Rock Studios admitted in a Twitch stream that Back 4 Blood is “far more difficult than intended,” but that it is “actively working on a solution.”

Turtle Rock highlights the issues with the Specials spawning problem that many players have already noticed on his Twitch stream, which was first spotted by PCGamesN.

Many players will not be able to defeat the Special Ridden because they are spawning in such large numbers. They are tougher mutated creatures that pose a frightening threat, especially in large numbers, to the uninitiated.

Turtle Rock recently announced that a new update would go a long way toward resolving the problem saying that they discovered an issue where specials would frequently duplicate their spawn cards, compounding as players progressed through levels and that this often resulted in an unfair amount of specials overwhelming Cleaner teams but made sure that they are going to keep digging into spawning issues to help further smooth out the experience.

Turtle Rock Studios, on the other hand, isn’t done yet. It explained in the stream that it has “identified another major cause of the unintended increased difficulty” and is working to address it. Trauma damage is also being “dealt out way too quickly,” according to the team. It’s yet another problem that will be resolved soon.

The topic of speedrunning will also be discussed, saying that speedrunning appears to be the most viable method for higher difficulties and that the plan was for players to take their time and carefully work their way through each level. In future patches, this will be changed and addressed.

Back 4 Blood will get a new single-player offline mode starting next month, thanks to Turtle Rock laying out its content roadmap for the game.

In other news, Call Of Duty: Vanguard sales are down 40% from last year, but it is still the year’s second best-selling game.