Following a successful first edition, the bar for the 2022 edition of SpeedDons, MisterMV’s charity marathon, was set high. Streamers and viewers held their breath until the very last second, hoping to beat the previous year’s record. a winning bet!

While the ZEvent or the Desert Bus of Hope continued to ignite passions, the SpeedDons, a new charity event, debuted in 2021. The charity marathon organized by MisterMV for the benefit of Doctors of the World has been unavoidable from the beginning.

On paper, the event had everything it needed to succeed: passionate streamers setting fire to Twitch, enraged viewers, breathtaking speedruns, and a noble cause to defend. So much so that the first edition raised 614,000 euros for Doctors of the World.

Everyone crossed their fingers that the previous record would be broken when the curtain was lifted on the second edition of the SpeedDons, without daring to believe it, and they did it.

As the stages fell one by one, viewers and streamers alike held their breath. A few hours before the event’s conclusion, the moment everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived: the previous year’s record has been shattered.

Since the counter rose to 802,166 euros, the icing on the cake was flat seams.

This amount raised for Doctors of the World is a huge success, with a goal of one million dollars set for the next edition.