Shroud shares an exploit he recently discovered for the Musket while live streaming New World on Twitch. The Musket appears to be the most OP weapon in the game right now thanks to Shroud’s New World exploit.

Shroud decided to stream some New World gameplay again on Friday, November 19th. He revealed some details about a discovery he made while experimenting with the Musket during his stream. Amazon’s latest patch for New World v1.1 appears to have unintentionally enabled this bug. The Musket has devolved into a spamming machine of epic proportions. With the Shroud’s New World exploit, all of the Musket’s abilities no longer have cooldowns, allowing players to spam them whenever they want.

Shroud’s latest addition to the list of game-breaking exploits in New World. These days, New World seems to have an endless supply of adventures. Given his numerous complaints about the game, it’s actually surprising that Shroud continues to play it. Despite this, Shroud manages to find time to play New World.

We believe Amazon is still unaware of the ongoing Musket situation at this time. In the New World forums, there are still no specific threads about the overpowered Musket. Plus, according to the most recent patch notes, the Musket received a buff. There was, however, no mention of having no cooldowns or the ability to spam skills. Hopefully, Amazon notices this before things deteriorate, particularly in PvP.