Twitch streamer SloppyWalrusX is known for always entertaining viewers with League of Legends gameplay. However, one member of the audience in particular wasn’t quite human.

At the best of times, streaming League of Legends creates a high-stakes atmosphere. What may begin as a lighthearted game will almost always turn into full-fledged combat. That’s just how things are.

However, there are a few things to be aware of when streaming live on Twitch. Trolls may attempt to stream snipe you, or you may make a classic blunder and quit by accident. They got a different kind of stream sniper for League of Legends Twitch streamer SloppyWalrusX – the creepy-crawly kind.

It was full steam ahead for SloppyWalrusX in providing top-notch entertainment to his Twitch viewers. However, as the stream progressed, something didn’t feel quite right. Could it have been a technical issue, or was it just a case of stream fatigue? This surprise, on the other hand, came from somewhere else.

The streamer discovered more than just high-fidelity sound when he examined his headset. Behind his ear cup, a literal earwig awaited him. The little guy had set up camp, clearly enjoying the warmth of a cozy League of Legends stream. Who knows how long the bug had been present!

The streamer exclaimed and was clearly shocked upon discovering the strange find saying that there’s a bug in his headset. After some confusion, he continued to clarify to his viewers that there really is a bug and asked his viewers if they could see it and that it was moving.

SloppyWalrusX concluded the scenario to his fans after safely removing the bug and releasing it back into the wild and hilariously said that he wasn’t really crazy, and that there really is a bug.

Make sure you check your headsets on a regular basis; you never know what might be lurking inside.