Twitch streamer Asmongold has publicly voiced his viewpoint over the fact that Overwatch 2 reviews on Steam have bombed as a result of players’ displeasure with Blizzard’s policies.

He is known for being outspoken about his beliefs and has previously called out game creators like Blizzard for concerns regarding microtransactions and subpar gameplay, while being an MMO and RPG streamer by trade. The streamer gained notoriety in the Diablo 4 community only lately after loudly criticizing Blizzard and quitting the game soon after Season 1’s release. He occasionally dabbles in other genres as well, and he has already streamed himself playing Overwatch. When questioned if the community was overreacting to the game’s Steam reviews tanking, Asmongold responded as follows: “Is this Overwatch community overreacting or is it deserved? Like, Overwatch 2 isn’t even going to have PvE content. Really, why are we still talking about this, who gives a f*ck! Because you’re just going to play the same maps with the same sh*t.”

The fanbase was not pleased with Blizzard’s previous news that Overwatch 2 will not contain PvE and other features promised prior. However, there were some favorable responses to the news that new game modes would be launched. However, story missions and levels remain locked behind pay barriers, and since the game was just released on Steam, players have been able to express their annoyance with the developers in the review section ( had a comparable review system). Over 88,000 people have rated the game as of this writing, and the reviews are “Overwhelmingly Negative,” with only 9% being favorable. 

Asmongold had already attacked the game and maintained his justification, claiming that players are obviously dissatisfied with the producers’ proposals. The streamer believed the following in regards to whether or not the public was overreacting: “And is this an overreaction or not? Yes or no, most people are giving protest reviews to Blizzard because they haven’t been served properly as a consumer.”

Asmongold, a well-known opponent of Blizzard games, emphasized his position by claiming that players had stopped because “the games didn’t serve the purpose”: “They played Blizzard games for a while and the games didn’t serve the purpose those people wanted them to. And guess what happened? They don’t want to play those games anymore.”