Twitch streamer Shroud recently shared his thoughts on the Corrupted Invasion activity in New World and how he thinks it could be improved.

Nearly a month after its launch, New World is seeing a steady increase in the number of players. As a result, the focus of the game’s discussion is shifting to how New World’s endgame feels now that so many players have reached or are approaching level 60. Twitch streamer Shroud, one of New World’s most well-known players, is not only taking part in much of the MMO’s endgame content, but he’s also being asked about his thoughts on it. Shroud’s most recent topic was the New World’s Corrupted Invasion system.

In New World, Corrupted Invasions is a PvE endgame experience that serves as a counterpoint to the MMO’s 50v50 PvP Wars. Every four days, these Corrupted Invasions occur, kicking off a recruitment effort led by a Settlement’s Governor for players level 50 and up. The Governor will be able to pick 10 “Heroes” from among the players who have registered for the event. The remaining 40 players will be chosen at random from the remaining players who have registered. To put it another way, it’s a fairly exclusive endgame experience.

Shroud claims that level 50s are “wasted space” in Corrupted Invasions, implying that he only wants level 60s in a Corrupted Invasion. While Shroud doesn’t say so, it’s possible that he prefers Corrupted Invasions to be balanced around level 60s, or that he’s annoyed that level 60s who put in the effort are being kept out by level 50s. Shroud’s second point is that players from other factions can “throw,” or work to ensure that the players lose to the AI invaders.

He acknowledges that these changes would only work on a server with a large population. Without faction crossover, a low-population New World server may struggle to find enough level 60s and players. However, Shroud believes that these restrictions would benefit New World on a server with a large population.

Amazon has made no official statement on the subject of the Corrupted Invasions in the New World. Shroud’s suggestions, on the other hand, make sense and might work as more servers’ populations approach max-level content. It may also necessitate the merging of some low-population servers, but Amazon is most likely already doing so. All the players can do now is wait to see what Amazon has in store for New World.