Popular Casino Twitch streamer Roshtein was recently banned during his August 17th live stream but then quickly unbanned as it was apparently a mistake.

Twitch announced last August 12th that they are planning to combat the gambling streams that recently became popular on the site. They also announced that they are now banning referral codes, roulette, and links for slots.

Twitch’s recent announcement, states that they will still continue to monitor gambling-related content and that they are updating their approach as needed. To give streamers time to remove any gambling-related content to their channel, they said that they will give them until August 17th to do so.

On August 17th, Casino streamer Rostein was banned and many already assumed that it was due to a violation against the newly released policy as he previously affiliate link on to his Twitch streams but 16 hours after he announced that he was banned, he then updates his fans followers that he was unbanned and said that regarding his previous ban, it was apparently a mistake.

Rostein is known for his Casino games like roulette and slots which is the current subject of Twitch’s controversies. He did not mention exactly the reason why it was a mistake and also it is still unclear if it is related to his affiliate links that used to appear on his previous streams.

As of now, he is now backstreaming and you can watch him at https://www.twitch.tv/roshtein