On May 27, 2023, Twitch streamer Quintin “Quin69” addressed the contentious statement made by Diablo 4 producer Rod Fergusson regarding the hardline race to 100. All of it began when the latter said on Twitter that the reviewers’ characters and narrative advancement would be removed.

Then, a Twitter user named @TheSagaYouTube continued by claiming that participants in the Diablo 4 hardcore race to 100 would have a “very unfair edge” if they had received early access to the content. In response, Rod Fergusson questioned how it would be unfair for them to have an advantage if everyone had their work reversed and had to start over from scratch. 

The situation disturbed streamer Quin69, who stated that the neighborhood should be “mad.” He stated: “They gave, like, the sweatiest tryhards two weeks to f**king theory-craft the s**t out of the game, before everyone else. I don’t know what to f**king tell you, bro. As a theory-crafting Andy, that’s cringe. Because I want to start… the thing about that, how do they not tell you? How do they not tell you?!”

Fans pushed Quin69 to view Fergusson’s message, which was posted on the official Diablo 4 subreddit, three hours into his show. In front of his audience, he read it out and stated: “‘Rod Fergusson doesn’t believe that playing the full game before everyone is an advantage in a leveling race. (sighs deeply) Wait, what is this? This got posted an hour ago. What a silly thing to say. Especially on hardcore, it’s a big advantage. Glad I don’t care about this race.'”

The New Zealander saw a Reddit user’s comment regarding streamers grumbling about the scenario a short while afterwards. It said: “All the streamers complaining is what’s ridiculous to me. Talking about an unfair advantage, while not having to leave their house for work eight plus hours a day, 40 plus (hours) a week. Advantages will always exist, race will never be fair. They just care because this one may affect them.” 

After reading this, Quin69 expressed surprise and asserted that, even if one excludes the Diablo 4 hardcore race to 100, the circumstance required gamers to be “mad.” The content creator explained; “Not even the race. Even if you completely ignore the race… this is still complete dog s**t and you should be mad. If you are not mad, okay? That the mystery and the fun of the… quickly, rapidly changing meta, that whole thing has been, effectively… just destroyed.”