Twitch streamer Pokimane astonished everyone by winning the $25,000 Squid Game tournament on OfflineTV. She outsmarted her rivals and landed some intriguing Twitch agreements that couldn’t be refused.

Pokimane was one of about 30 individuals that took part in OTV’s $25k Squid Game. Disguised Toast, Scarra, and HasanAbi were among the guests at the star-studded event. They competed in the event, which was inspired by the hit Korean Netflix drama of the same name.

OfflineTV’s Squid Game, like the Netflix show, began with the classic game of Red Light, Green Light. Twitch streamers, on the other hand, were showered with eggs and ordered to the back to restart rather than being shot.

Surprisingly, Pokimane was the first to get caught and sent back. Given that the prominent Twitch streamer was already in a losing position, it appeared that she would never be able to turn things around. Despite a rough start, she was able to clear the first game thanks to a surprising rule of flipping the finish line to the opposite side.

Following the conclusion of Red Light, Green Light, OTV members and other Twitch streamers engaged in a marbles game. They were separated into three groups, with the purpose of accumulating more marbles than the other side. Scarra was caught off guard when Pokimane gave him and his squad a thousand Twitch given subs divided among the three of them. They couldn’t say no to such a fantastic chance.

As a result, they were unaware that they had given up the one marble required for Poki and her squad to win the game.

In the final game, HasanAbi, Pokimane, and xChocobars were left. They had to take their opponents’ name tags off their backs or force them out of a circle. The grand prize of $25,0000 would be awarded to the last individual standing. Pokimane and xChocobars were no match to HasanAbi’s strength. xChocobars bowed out right away, but Poki was adamant about coming out on top. As a result, she offered to donate half of her final winnings to HasanAbi’s favorite charity if he would allow her to win.

Clearly, Hasan couldn’t turn down the opportunity to do some good and walked out of the circle in exchange for $12,500 for a mutual aid fund in Los Angeles that helps homeless people.

The genuine winner of OfflineTV’s $25,000 Squid Game is difficult to determine. Despite the fact that Pokimane was successful, it appears that those who would profit from the charity donations will be the true winners.