It’s inspiring to see Twitch streamers who are wholesome and get along with one another. However, no one can deny that any type of community drama is entertaining to watch. Even if the drama is as insignificant as a hot take, because of the JiDion controversy, Imane Anys, better known as Pokimane, has had her fair share of drama this year.

So, instead of being in the thick of things, she’s relaxing on the sidelines this time, and it’s none other than her close friend Sykkuno who has some sassy things to say about a recent trend in streaming.

A subathon, for the uninitiated, is an event popularized by streamer Ludwig in the year 2021. Subathons are, in essence, extremely long streams aimed at attracting new subscribers. The name is a combination of the words subscriber and marathon, as you can see. A ticking clock is an important feature of subathons. Streamers begin with a pre-set time on the clock, and when it reaches zero, the stream is finished.

It’s safe to say he’s not the most enthusiastic supporter of the event. Subathons, in which streamers do a regular stream and then go to sleep, only to wake up and do a regular stream the next day, irritate him. In other words, splitting a large subathon into two smaller streams.

Pokimane burst out laughing at this. She thought it was hilarious that Sykkuno was speaking like a dissatisfied viewer rather than a streamer.

Sykkuno’s remark about playing on a second computer, on the other hand, made her ears perk up. “Come on Sykkuno, spill the tea,” Poki said, claiming that it sounded like he was addressing a specific person.

She also offered her own perspective on subathons. Saying she has reservations about them for a variety of reasons, including the unethical tactics mentioned by Sykkuno. But also because of the negative effects that subathons have on a streamer’s health.

Fans got a glimpse into Pokimane’s thoughts on the event thanks to Sykkuno’s hot take.