Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc has recently told fellow streamer Imane Anys aka Pokimane that he feels bad for her next boyfriend, but Pokimane responded brilliantly.

Pokimane and xQc are two of Twitch’s most well-known personalities, frequently entertaining viewers with their unique content. Both appeared on a recently released list of Twitch’s greatest earners, raking in huge sums thanks to their tens of millions of fans. The two are also known to be friends, making fun of each other on a variety of topics and occasionally teaming up for games.

On the 8th of October, the two traded barbs over their prospective relationships, with Poki answering exceptionally well when xQc expressed concern about hers.

It all started when Poki was irritated by xQc’s refusal to join her duet, saying that Lengyel had “ditched” her rather than the other way around.

While they were arguing, xQc stated; “Can I be honest with you? Don’t take this the wrong way. I feel bad for whoever is gonna be your boyfriend one day. What the f**k, how can you talk like this? Who says ‘I can if my schedule aligns’. What the f**k is that?”

Poki, on the other hand, was not amused by the ex-Overwatch pro’s remarks, wonderfully responding: “Well don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel bad for whoever’s gonna be your girlfriend one day, or is currently… Because I literally asked you if you wanted to be my duo, you never answered and now you’re holding it against me that you never answered even though I asked you!”

After hearing Poki’s response, xQc backed down and stated “fair enough.”

The encounter should not be taken too seriously, as the two have been known to trade friendly barbs on occasion.