Twitch streamer Chance Morris aka Sodapoppin has recently returned to the world of GTA RP NoPixel server for the first time since announcing that he will quit. However, he went on to call the game cringe and he stated that the people who are playing it are losers.

Back in March this year, Sodapoppin announced his departure from the GTA RP NoPixel server despite being one of the most popular streamers on the server.

He told his fans that he felt burnt out and said that he will soon be back if he feels like it. And it seems like it came earlier than expected as he recently revealed that he made a deal with popular VRChat personality Vigor, where he has to play GTA RP for at least 50 hours and serve as his assistant. However, even though he returned for the first time after a long time, sodapoppin called out a number of players who still play the game, including his friends.

He says that the game is “sh*t,” and called its players losers and said that the roleplay is cringe. Here’s what he said; “It’s crazy that all my friends are still playing this sh*t game. Like, they’re actually still doing this. RP is so cringe and stupid and dumb. Anyone who roleplays is literally a loser. My friends are losers. It’s crazy.”

While soda roasted players on the server and roleplaying in general, he still did them the honors of giving his character a proper send-off. With that, he ended his stream, but hinted he’d be back on a new character soon.