Imane “Pokimane” Anys has rejected calls for her to reveal her relationship status to Twitch viewers, saying she will “never” tell them who she’s dating at any given time.

On February 14th, Twitch’s reigning queen Pokimane took a stand against calls for her to reveal her private relationships and who she’s dating (or not dating).

For as long as the Moroccan-Canadian star has been popular, the status of Pokimane’s relationship has been a hot topic in Twitch’s massive streaming community. Kevin, her mysterious new friend, has recently resurfaced in the news. Her fans have demanded answers after he appeared on several streams. Pokimane says her relationships are “staying private.”

No matter how much her Twitch fandom begs, Pokimane explained, she won’t be revealing her relationships or any “personal life stuff” on her stream as a result.

For a number of years, Pokimane has been one of the most popular Twitch streamers. Not only that, but the 25-year-old does host the occasional Just Chatting broadcast, but it focuses primarily on games.

The actress makes a concerted effort to keep her life off the internet.