It seems like Vikkstar’s massive new mansion has impressed the popular Youtuber Pewdiepie after he reacted to the video of Vikkstar showing his new mansion.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie has been one of the biggest, most subscribed independent content creators on the platform. He has now garnered more than 110 million subscribers currently sitting at the fourth most subscribed channel and he also has the title of “king of the youtube”.

In the past weeks and months, PewDiePie has been reacting to the various house tours of his fellow YouTubers and content creators. Influencer house tours are nothing new and Pewdiepie is not scared to call out as he even roasted the homes of Pokimane, David Dobrik, and even TikTok star Neekolul. PewDiePie claimed that Pokimane’s gaming setup was “uncomfortable” but Pokimane didn’t take his comments too seriously and made it a good laugh.

Now, it seems like Pewdiepie has finally found a house or a mansion that makes him jealous and that is the new mansion of Youtuber Vikram Singh Barn aka Vikkstar. Vikkstar is an English YouTuber and Internet personality and he is a member and co-founder of the British YouTube group, Sidemen.

One week ago, Vikkstar posted a youtube video unveiling his James Bond-style mansion. Vikkstar’s new home boasts a cozy cinema room, a home gym with a complete kitchenette, a koi pond, hot tub, and a pool, alongside a massive kitchen/living area and two other spacious living rooms. Upon watching the video Pewdiepie admitted that he was jealous of Vikkstar’s abode, as he’s stuck in his current accommodations until he can move to his spot in Japan.

Here’s what he said; “I’m so f**king jealous. I have so much money, but I’m here, because I am waiting to move, and it’s so frustrating. Another problem is, I would never buy a house like this, ’cause it’s just like, why? What is wrong with me? I’m jealous, but I could get it, but I don’t want it. What the f**k?”