Twitch as a platform and some of its streamers haven’t exactly had the best year. It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows, knowing that allegations of racism allegations to viewers sending inappropriate messages to streamers simply not saying nice things on the platform has been rampant. However, it’s not all bad there, as Nickmercs demonstrates this holiday season by doing his best to help out the Twitch community and “show some love.”

Nickmercs, who currently has 6.3 million Twitch followers, announced on Twitter last night that he will be holding a massive giveaway this week to thank his fans for their support and to help as many people as possible.

According to Nickmercs, 2021 was an amazing and very successful year for him and his entire team, with them achieving major milestones, signing major contracts, and crossing off many of his personal goals. He went on to say that his fans and followers are the driving force behind everything. Many of the things he’s talking about would not be possible without each and every one of their contributions.

He thanked everyone and expressed his gratitude, but he believes that after a million of them, it becomes a little monotonous, so he said that he prefers to put his words into action, and this is his way of doing so.

Nickmercs announced that he will be giving away over $300,000 in prizes, including $8000 PCs, 600 Beats earbuds, FaZe and Twitch merch, and more, as well as two $10,000 cash prizes. He claims that all of the prizes were paid for out of pocket, with some help from partners, and that he will do his best to show his appreciation to all of his supporters during the holidays.

He ended the video by expressing his love for Christmas and praising his parents for their efforts to make the holiday special when he was a child. He hopes that by doing this massive giveaway, he will be able to assist in doing something similar for the community.