Nadia Amine, a Twitch streamer who makes accusations of cheating, has come under fire from the Warzone Community for her recent comments.

Nadia, a COD: Warzone streamer and Twitch Partner, has made headlines recently for allegedly employing cheats to play the game. There is no concrete proof that she has been utilizing hackers, despite the fact that some of her gameplay video appear to be unexplained. In a recent interview, Nadia refuted all claims that she had cheated.

Nadia has received criticism from the online community as a result of how much of her gameplay appeared to have been altered, as was already mentioned. In other words, a lot of people think she’s been employing “hacks” to get an unfair advantage over the other people in the lobby. 

On the other hand, the player has consistently refuted all charges. The 22-year-old was recently questioned about whether or not a male streamer would get the same backlash. Which she answered: “Absolutely not. And I also think that, it’s so angry to say that, it’s not because I’m a girl, I feel like if you just look at those comments, so people are attacking saying like, ‘You, cheating F-word’, right? They’ll say something like that. They’ll cuss at me, ‘You are a cheating bi**h, go to the kitchen’. Like, you’re attacking my gender, like that is the difference. Like, you’re not attacking a guy’s gender. And it’s just like, there’s a big difference there. And I don’t know, I just, you have to be so ignorant to think that’s not true. You have to be. I’m not saying that guys don’t receive hate, they do. But not to the extent that I do because I am a woman. No, they don’t. And that’s a fact.”