Myth, a well-known YouTuber and streamer of video games, posts a need for assistance on social media when his car is stolen from the neighborhood.

Although personal vehicles seem to be more safe than ever thanks to contemporary technologies, there have been waves of carjacking and theft over the past few years. Everyone, it would seem, is affected by the frustrating issue, as Myth, a well-known gamer and Twitch streamer, recently reported having his Audi S5 stolen.

The TikTok trend involving the thefts of Kia and Hyundai vehicles is well-known to many car owners. People whose cars were stolen using the methods outlined on the smartphone app have reported finding their cars entirely destroyed or abandoned far from where they had been taken. Theft of an automobile is painful and expensive for many, and the anxiety of attempting to discover it is made worse by how difficult it may be to locate a stolen car. In an effort to hasten the process, Myth has turned to Twitter, reaching out to more than 2.5 million viewers. 

Myth, a YouTuber and professional gamer, posted on Twitter that his Audi S5 had been stolen and asked followers stating, “If any of y’all driving around LA see a grey Audi S5 driving around holler at your boy please. My s*** got JACKED.” 

Myth adds in a second post, “Just hmu and I’ll confirm the plate details on my end. Ty. Idk if this s*** will work but it would be crazy if it did.” Myth requests that anyone who sees a grey Audi S5 send him a message with the license plate number, and he will confirm if it is the missing vehicle. As a result, the license plate number is obscured on the image of Myth’s car. 

Myth’s fans in the comments are heartbroken and offer him support and sorrow for the frustrating circumstance. No information has been released regarding Myth’s search for the vehicle as of yet.