Twitch streamer and ‘e-girl,’ Amouranth, has started to alter her career path, with the Streamer Royale being her first major venture.

Amouranth has begun to put the plan into action just days before her departure from the lewd website, after announcing that she would be leaving OnlyFans and investing more in Twitch productions.

The Streamer Royale was a five-hour live event that pitted Twitch and YouTube personalities against one another in various events to see who would emerge victorious. It provides valuable insight into Amouranth’s future plans for production investment.

Meowri, a streamer in the vein of Amouranth, took first place, defeating MoistCr1tikal and Alinity. Throughout the event, she assisted in bringing in over 25,000 concurrent viewers.

Contestants competed in events such as the Gladiator’s ‘duel,’ in which streamers are given two large cushioned sticks with which to knock each other down as quickly as possible.

Other games included finding flags in a large inflatable covered in bubbles, which was a direct reference to Amouranth’s hot tub streams.

While the event was unlike any other streamer competition that weekend, it did manage to attract 25,000 concurrent viewers with only a few drops during the stream.

Fansly, a direct competitor to Amouranth’s main moneymaker, OnlyFans, sponsored Streamer Royale. Despite announcing in June that she would be leaving the adult content industry, she has continued to use other brands to promote her own.

Although some streamers, such as xQc, did not attend, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and it appears to be an important step forward in Amouranth’s larger plan.

It’s unclear why xQc did not show up despite being invited, but he was playing slots at the same time the event was being streamed, which will only add to the speculation about his gambling addiction.