Mr Beard is outraged by ‘The Quartering’s mockery of Pokimane’s beauty standards. After the massive controversy between Pokimane and Jidion ended, she was once again thrust into the spotlight by a recent troll. ‘The Quartering,’ a Twitter user, ruthlessly attacked Pokimane’s beauty and commented on her beauty standard. 

Mr Beard came to Pokimane’s aid and spoke out against the controversial move and went on to say that people like ‘The Quartering’ and those who make fun of women who wear makeup, are the same people who make fun of women who don’t.

According to Mr Beard, men who like ‘The Quartering,’ impose their beauty standards on women.

Jeremy Hambly, also known as “The Quartering,” is an American YouTuber and Twitter user who is known for his commentary on American politics, video games, and other topics. He’s well-known for criticizing YouTube’s policies and opposing America’s hyped “cancel culture.” He’s a very outspoken person. He consistently uploads videos every week, and his thumbnails are always deceptive. The viewers consider his content to be clickbait. Mr. Beard’s tweet has received a tremendous amount of constant attention since it went viral. The tweet has currently received 3,868 retweets and 64k likes.

Different people hold different viewpoints; some support Mr. Beard, while others hold to ‘the Quartering’ viewpoints.

Ryan Beard, better known on Twitter as “Mr Beard,” is a 24-year-old YouTuber and TikToker who specializes in satirical comic content. In March of 2016, he began his YouTube journey. He was a contestant on America’s Got Talent’s eleventh season. On YouTube, he currently has 335k subscribers and 12.2 million channel views. He has a total of 9.3k and 45.8k followers on Twitter and Instagram, respectively.