After receiving a massive backlash from the internet due to the restaurant drama, Twitch streamer Alinity and Mizkif has responded to the drama with Mizkif stating that he was not sorry.

The IRL stream together with Mizkif, Alinity, Hachubby and more went viral and have become the talk of the town in the past few days.

In the stream, it can be seen that HAchubby along with the server was struggling to understand each other. However, the netizens noticed that Mizkif and Alinity were just laughing and trolling a restaurant employee instead of helping them. After the incident, Twitch streamer Alinity made some remarks at the restaurant employee stating that he was racist as she did not like the fact that the employee was getting annoyed at HAchubby.

After receiving a massive backlash, twitch streamer Alinity decided to apologize for the situation as during another live stream with Mizkif, she claimed that she called the place and talked to the manager and apologized for “being assholes.” However, it seems like Twitch streamer Mizkif was not happy and totally distanced himself from Alinity’s apology as he claimed that he was not “sorry for s**t,” and appeared to get angry at Alinity for apologizing on his behalf as well.

Regardless, while Mizkif himself is not apologetic and thinks that he did nothing wrong, most of the community has responded by mocking the internet personality.