Emotes are at the heart of Twitch chat, and now certain streamers will be able to examine the analytics of the emotes they use in their chat rooms and beyond.

This new feature will be accessible from your Dashboard’s general Channel Analytics section and will show you how your emotes are being used across Twitch. Streamers will now have access to data on emote usage to illustrate how frequently and widely their emotes are used. This tool will show you how emotes are used not only in your stream, but also in other communities.

Streamers will be able to sort their emotes by kind, date, and use filters. Creators will be able to see how their emotes have been used by stream, month, or all time using the date picker. The stats of various emote designations, such as Tier One, Tier Two, and Tier Three options, will be displayed using the emote type filter. 

Filters can give you a basic idea of which emotes are the most popular across two criteria. “Unique Users” will show you how many unique users have used your emote, while “Total Users” will tell streamers how much their emotes have been spammed.

Streamers will benefit from this new feature in a variety of ways. It allows streamers to track trends and measure the performance of their emotes as new and old emotes gain and lose popularity. It displays “which emotes are most valuable to your community,” according to Twitch’s announcement.

However, this is currently an experimental function, according to Twitch, and it is not yet available to all Twitch streamers.