Twitch streamer and DJ, Mind1 has just received a massive donation of $10,000 during his recent stream while he was celebrating his 41st birthday leaving him completely shocked and in tears.

Twitch streamer Mind1 started streaming years ago doing some DJ streams gaining him over 10k followers on his twitch channel. He started doing some Dj streams then he quickly found a passion for MMORPGs, and this was where his content and his community began to grow.

Eventually, he decided to stream his favorite MMORPG EVE Online during the week while doing DJ’ing on the weekend together with his viewers and fans tuning in to watch his sets. During his July 31st live broadcast celebrating his 41st birthday, he was caught off guard upon seeing that his community donated a whopping $10,000 on his stream leaving him in tears and speechless.

Twitch streamer Mind1 thanked his community for their support over the years while he was in his tears. He stated emotionally, “You guys, I don’t think you understand.. I’ve been doing this for like seven years. It wasn’t very long ago I had $20 in my bank account.”

With the goal of eventually turning to full-time streaming, Mind1 is one step closer to his dream. A group effort from the community he has built over the years led to a wave of support for his birthday, but it’ll likely continue regardless as well. The whopping $10,000 donation from his community is surely a life-changing amount of money for anybody.