A couple’s livestream was turned into a cheap horror movie by a frightening-looking, possibly ill, woman.

Twitch streamers Clarence Kang and Angie Mendoza claimed today that they were in Buona Vista when a woman in a cheap slasher costume—glasses over a sheet mask—suddenly interrupted them and started causing mayhem after kicking their food and drinks.

Angie Mendoza explained to Coconuts that the food was a gift from viewers that they intended to enjoy at home. The woman approached and kicked their packaged food and drinks in their direction after husband Clarence Kang attempted to brush her off by telling her to “have a nice day.”

The woman then silently followed Kang while they made a call to the police until a bystander arrived to tackle her. Additionally, the woman made strange chirping noises and at one point started singing.

Later, when the police showed up, the woman was surrounded by two of them. Kang said that they had left the situation in the officers’ hands.

Mendoza claimed that this incident was unprecedented and that the police never followed up with them regarding what had happened to the woman.