Call of Duty Warzone player TeeP brought back the legendary M4A1 following a Season 5 patch causing some Warzone fans and players to be delighted and as TeeP pulled off some nasty plays, it just might be meta again.

For weeks, Warzone’s meta has been in flux as Raven Software continues to release update after update adjusting the game’s most popular weapons. And, now, after patches on September 15th and September 23rd — Verdansk might be going old school. Warzone’s meta ARs and LMGs have been nerfed several times over Season 5 patches. And, just as these improvements have paved the way for the return of the OG Modern Warfare MP5, the M4 could be next.

The M4 appears to be deadly in a series of clips posted by Warzone streamer and former CoD pro Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow. And it is incredibly good news for Season 1 players of the game.

As shown in TeeP clips, the M4 still destroys at medium ranges. Other guns’ nerfs have given the beloved AR a chance to return, with nicely controlled recoil and a generally pleasant feel.

People expressed significant excitement at the gun’s performance in the comments and quote tweets, with some claiming “my time has come,” while others were more nostalgic, adding “This gun reminds me of the best times this game has ever had.”

The M4’s possible return to the meta didn’t just excite fans as the Two-Time and the popular Youtube gaming streamer, Dr Disrespect, instantly contacted TeeP for the loadout.

Because the rifle excels at mid range, you can change the VLK with a Corp Combat Holo – particularly if you have the Blue Dot reticle – to add even more variety. Overall, it’s great to see the M4 making a comeback, whether it’s merely viable or truly meta.