Ludwig’s Sh*tcamp is currently in progress, having started on September 26, 2021. The event brings together some of the most popular streamers in the gaming community, including Valkyrae of 100 Thieves, and OfflineTV members Disguised Toast and Michael Reeves.

The tournament comprises a variety of games and competitions in which players must compete to reach the top and become champions.

The opening ceremony took place on September 26th at 7:00 p.m. PT. Ludwig, on the other hand, has just announced the “most ambitious crossover” of all time, with a Kickball event set for September 29, 2021.

Ludwig, a popular streamer, took to Twitter to reveal the main event of Sh*tcamp, the much-anticipated Kickball tournament. The Kickball event will battle 32 streamers from four different teams against each other. One team from 100 Thieves, one from OfflineTV, and two from Sh*tcamp themselves will make up the four teams.

The sequence of events at this year’s Kickball contest has remained a mystery. The participants, on the other hand, appear to be quite enthusiastic about competing in the main event. 

Before the event, there was some lighthearted trash talking, as was to be anticipated.

Streamers will be competing for the title of champions during this event, so expect things to get heated. Because this is Sh*tcamp’s main event, viewers may also see a single or double elimination during this game. 

Despite the fact that no substantial facts about the Kickball event have been released, it is expected to be an intense game with plenty of material for fans to watch.