Players in Warzone may move around the area and gather extremely powerful treasure in a variety of ways. Red Doors have been an excellent addition to the game, allowing you to go to other areas and obtain uncommon items. Some Red Doors, on the other hand, appear to be capable of taking you on a crazy journey.

With the start of Season 4, the Red Doors were introduced to Warzone. Despite their rarity, these teleporters can still be found in every game if you’re lucky.

The fast-travel and loot mechanism may have a significant influence on your game; for example, you can score incredibly uncommon kill streaks and quickly move across the map to the action.

The red doors lead to another area, from which you can exit and return to the streets of Verdansk. One door, on the other hand, had other ideas for this group.

On Verdansk, Twitch streamer “miguelmeola” was playing a Quads game when his squad came upon a Red Door. The gamers rushed through it, excited for the unusual prize, but were a little lost as to where it headed them.

As you can see in the video, the game determines that these players don’t require treasure, and the Red Door drops them from the sky. The gamers can be heard asking the game; “Why am I in the air?”, as they are surprised by what is going on.

The team, on the other hand, appeared to be in good spirits and joking about the situation. One player dubbed it the “JK Door,” and the players laughed about it for the remainder of the game, while being confused as to why it happened.

This appears to be a glitch, as the initial circle has not yet begun to shut. There haven’t been any additional reports of the Red Doors transporting players to the sky as of yet, but it’s worth being cautious before entering one.