Particularly after he revealed his breakup with NYYXXII, whom he had just recently started seeing, the streamer xQc and the drama surrounding his love life have gained attention.

Further escalating the drama was a DM leak that claimed Adept, xQc’s ex-girlfriend, was also involved. Felix Lengyel, well known by his online as xQc, recently opened out about the drama that surrounded his breakup from NYYXXII. Adept became engaged in the affair, he continued, because she thought he had cheated on her with the British streamer when they were dating. 

According to the Twitch streamer, his ex-girlfriend thought he was cheating on her. But since that wasn’t the case, he called her to speak with her directly and end the situation amicably. So they eventually met and discussed this issue. 

xQc said while denying cheating; “So it was like, you could say it was a close call, I guess. It was two days in between, okay? And then she just thought that I possibly cheated. And I have nothing to f*cking hide.”

The 27-year-old went on to say that he didn’t care if somebody leaked his words to his audience. He then admitted to giving Adept the phone so she could examine it. So that she can review it and make it clear that he didn’t cheat. xQc continued by explaining how he showed Adept how he met NYYXXII. He said, “So you can know that the way I met this person was like: I look at my DMs, and I was like, ‘Yo, what’s up?’ And on the same day, we went on a date.” But this made the matter worse.

Adept found several unpleasant texts about her while she was reading through the texts, according to xQc. His ex-girlfriend dials NYYXXII from his Discord as a result of it. Adept claimed that what xQc mentioned about her in talks with the British streamer was a lie, the Twitch streamer said in an explanation. The Twitch streamer also admitted that things had already heated up between the two women before he intervened to stop it from getting out of hand. The British streamer eventually blocked xQc. He later clarified, though, that it wasn’t the main factor in their breakup with NYYXXII. 

xQc shared his reasons for the latest breakup; “I had these verified people telling me some stories about Courtney. That made me, pretty much, not align with her as a whole.”

The Twitch streamer added that even if the breakup didn’t occur now, it would in the future and that it was essential. He then said that he is no longer dating anyone to put an end to the whole ordeal. Before leaving the subject, he reiterated that his breakup with NYXXII wasn’t primarily because to Adept.