Self-proclaimed comedian Jidion was recently expelled from TwitchCon EU after attendees reported the YouTube star for harassing them. However, this is just the most recent contentious stunt the creator has pulled for the benefit of his malicious content.

Jidon Adams was permanently barred from Twitch for organizing a “hate raid” against well-known streamer Pokimane, and because of this, the female streamer received a barrage of offensive remarks on social media and during her streams.

After receiving harsh criticism, Jidion expressed regret and even met with Pokimane to make amends for a Chick-Fil-A mukbang collaboration. Pokimane stated in their video that she did not believe Jidion to be sexist or misogynistic.

From this point on, it was anticipated that Jidion’s out-of-pocket remarks would occur less frequently because his apology appeared to indicate that he understood the harm his words caused. Instead of moving away from offensive shock value comedy, Jidion has made it the centerpiece of his brand, regularly harassing event attendees in order to produce banger videos.

On the second day of the convention, Jidion entered despite being permanently banned from all platforms. It was inevitable that Jidion would ruin the convention for some attendees because he entered the convention with content at the forefront of his mind.

Uncertainty surrounds what actually transpired at TwitchCon, and we won’t fully understand the situation until Jidion releases the event’s promised video on Instagram live. Nevertheless, a number of people who claimed to be present at TwitchCon EU have already described what they saw.

Jidion is accused of harassing attendees while in line for the TommyInnit meet and greet, one of the convention’s main attractions. Fans of Tommy expressed concern for his younger audience, claiming that Jidion made strange remarks about how everyone in the line was a girl and that this was good for Tommy.

Although witnesses claimed that staff did not discipline Jidion for intimidating convention attendees, he was ultimately expelled from the location.

Even though he had just spent four hours gathering material for a video, his TwitchCon badge had been taken, and he was no longer permitted entry. We can anticipate obnoxious and inappropriate behavior intended to ruin the occasion if it’s anything like his recent content.

Jidion is used to make people feel uncomfortable and excluded from events. It’s his schtick, and with each new upload, he frequently grabs attention for his shocking antics.

There is some genuinely entertaining content on Jidion, where his NBA courtside haircut is a noteworthy clip that was unexpected, distinctive and didn’t interfere with anyone else’s experience. Sadly, Jidion rarely uploads anything like this.

Jidion has terrorized numerous places over the past three months, including bowling alleys, mall employees, a furry convention, a tennis match, a restaurant, and more. In order to gain internet fame, the creator of each video causes unwanted trouble, and he hardly ever shows himself making amends with the people he has irritated.

Security guards are frequently called in to remove Jidion from events after attendees complain that Jidion is uncomfortable for them. Even though comedy is a personal thing, these fights are more embarrassing than funny.

Everything is a joke to Jidion, but it’s these very situations that have made him famous. Other people’s discomfort is obviously in his comfort zone as evidenced by his expulsion from Wimbledon and his escorted exit from a furry convention, and it appears to be working, as each video, he posts receives over 3 million views.

Not everyone wants to participate in a joke. This was amply illustrated by Jidion’s expulsion from TwitchCon EU following complaints from attendees that he was intimidating fans there.

However, contrary to what some have claimed online, it’s not about not being able to laugh at jokes; rather, it’s about common decency and respecting people’s autonomy by not including them in a video without their permission. However, what’s interesting is Jidion’s lack of responsibility for his actions. 

He received scorn from the internet after harassing Pokimane, a well-known and adored creator, but now that he’s started harassing ad hoc targets, nobody seems to give a damn.

Consider Logan Paul as an example. Aside from the incident involving the dead body, he also faced a great deal of criticism for his immature and disrespectful behavior while in Japan. Even though he hasn’t always been the most popular creator, he has significantly improved since then.

Therefore, I do not believe that Jidion is solely to blame for the popularity of his offensive content. His videos have not received any significant criticism from other creators or YouTube, for that matter. In an ideal world, Jidion would use his brash personality to produce amusing content that doesn’t depend on degrading the experiences of other real, live people.