Twitch streamer Asmongold is attempting to take care of himself, but his most recent announcement hasn’t pleased everyone.

Asmongold recently declared that he would take a brief break from streaming in order to rest and unwind. The content creator was quick to respond, though, when one of his Twitch stream viewers criticized the announcement.

He and criticism are not exactly strangers, as his supporters frequently find things to criticize about him. Sometimes it has to do with the choices he makes in video games, like Diablo Immortal.

Sometimes the criticism focuses more on his personal preferences in terms of lifestyle. The streamer has made frequent mention of the fact that his way of life clearly suits him. According to one of his fans, it was these allegations and his recent declaration that he would be taking a short break that appeared to have given rise to criticism.

Shortly after Asmongold announced he would take a break from Twitch to get some rest, the fan retaliated against him on Twitter by pointing out the streamer’s dual personality. The fan continued to make fun of Asmongold by retorting his own words, including the claim that he never gets sick.

He then asserted that the Twitch celebrity cancels streams once or twice per week, but the fan’s claims were disputed.

On the social media platform, Asmongold responded with a tweet that began with a question mark and made it clear that he had previously discussed one of the possible reasons he might stop streaming on Twitch. The fact that he has mentioned his need for more sleep repeatedly is at the top of the list of reasons why he might need to take a step back. He made it clear that his assertions about feeling great and leading the life he wants are the only exceptions.

It turned out that Asmongold didn’t have to defend himself against this fan’s criticism alone. He was one of the most well-liked Twitch streamers, and some of his followers were ready to defend him. One person responded on Twitter by saying that the content creator doesn’t cancel streams frequently. The supporter continued by saying that at least one recent cancellation was only made possible by Asmongold’s food poisoning.

The Twitch celebrity doesn’t seem phased by the criticism, and it doesn’t seem that it will alter his plans. Given that Asmongold has occasionally been forced to take breaks, they might appreciate the fact that he chose this one.