Twitch Streamer Julien Solomita recently announced his engagement to Jenna Marbles with a photo of her hand holding her new engagement ring and since Jenna left the spotlight more than a year ago, that’s pretty much all we’ve seen of her.

Julien Somomita has more than 20 million subscribers on YouTube. She had her own SiriusXM show as well. She was a performer and Creator of the Decade was a finalist in the Shorty Awards.

Even now, her admirers are heartbroken saying that they miss Jenna Marbles every day and that Jenna Marbles is SO MUCH MISSED.

The streamer’s reputation, like that of so many other content creators, was tarnished by offensive posts from her past. She apologized in a video from June 2020, which is no longer available online where she addressed the videos she made in 2011 and 2012, apologizing for them wherein one of them involved her impersonating Nicki Minaj in blackface.

In her apology video, she stated that it was not her intention to do blackface and that she wanted to express her deepest regret if she offended many people in any way by posting the said video or doing the said impression, as that was never her intention and admit that it is not acceptable, a disgrace, a disaster, and that she wish it hadn’t happened in her life.

She also hints at a video in which she mocked women who “slept around.” and more when she made a joke about Asians and thought the latter clip was particularly amusing. It was “inexcusable” and “shouldn’t have existed.”

Jenna also stated that she would be taking an indefinite break from YouTube saying that for the time being, she’s unable to exist on this channel and think she’ll just move on from her channel for the time being and that she’s not sure how long it will take and added that she just want to make sure the things she put out don’t harm anyone. Either for now or forever, she needs to be done with this channel.”

Jenna and Julien’s Jenna and Julien Podcast ended in August 2020, nearly two months after Jenna’s YouTube departure.

Jenna said in their final podcast episode she hasn’t been on the internet in a while and that she have a million things to say, but she just want people to know that she’s getting professional help and that she’s just being a person so she sincerely appreciate all her fans support and love, as well as the love Julien have shown to her.

Jenna’s disappearance from social media sites was noticed by fans a year later saying that they can’t believe Jenna Marbles deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts during Virgo season.