Following Logan Paul’s recent apologies to investors of his Cryptozoo project, which was exposed as potentially being a hoax and resulted in investors losing millions of dollars, Coffeezilla responded to the influencer in its entirety.

Hasan today made it obvious that he believes Paul is still merely attempting to protect himself from prospective lawsuits and criminal penalties, despite the fact that Coffee pointed out multiple instances in the video where his attempts to apologize have failed. Hasan stated; “Restitution, when you’ve very clearly done a wrong thing that perhaps might even have some legal consequences for you down the line, is always going to be impossible. He’s trying to get out of this with the least amount of scathing.”

Hasan was quick to blame Paul in the middle of this Cryptozoo debate, which had been going on for almost a month. Hasan compared the Cryptozoo endeavor to a movie heist and claimed Paul assembled a crew to pull it out. Hasan said that Paul was being naive by being astonished that some of his staff were criminals given that the project they were starting was one that was mostly carried out by fraudsters and other malicious people. 

He stated; “He doesn’t want to be hit with anything so he’s just doubling down the fact that it’s not a scam to begin with. It’s just not going to work for him. Because if he takes full accountability then he’s openly admitting to being a criminal. He’s so fucking cooked. It’s so funny. If he admits to his wrongdoing, he might even be liable, he might be legally liable. If he doesn’t, he might still be liable, but he’s also… going to lose more fans as a consequence.”