Chess has become more and more popular in recent years, which has led to a symbiotic relationship between the traditional game and those who produce its media. One duo in particular has pioneered a particularly original trail in the genre.

The Botez sisters are talented chess players who can also keep an audience entertained. They are also young women with lots of personality. They have developed over the previous two years into a well-known force on Twitch, and recently they attained a desired milestone by getting one million subscribers on YouTube. Although there are numerous channels on YouTube with a million subscribers, the achievement is one of the more recognizable milestones on the service. When a channel reaches one million subscribers, or one million Twitch followers, it can be assumed that it is producing content that viewers are interested in.

The Botez sisters’ accomplishment of the figure so quickly is even more astounding. According to Social Blade, the official Botezlive YouTube page had over 710,000 subscribers at this time last year; therefore, the Botez sisters have gained almost 300,000 followers in just a year.

Their total number of video views during that time period increased from 122.8 million to roughly 237.7 million, a nearly doubling.

According to Sully Gnome, Alex and Andrea received more than five million hours of viewing each of the last three calendar years on Twitch, where they frequently stream. They’ve also continuously maintained a monthly average of more than 1,000 subscribers over the past year.