Sebastian “Forsen,” a Twitch streamer, returned to his channel and tried to beat Felix “xQc”‘s minecraft speedrun record. The Swede spent an hour responding to some well-known YouTube videos prior to the game.

The content creator heard the owl’s hoot numerous times while watching a video of a Eurasian Eagle Owl. The Twitch celebrity was astounded to see that a text-to-speech gift from one of his followers matched the audio of the footage exactly. He exclaimed, expressing surprise at the incident: “That is so sick! I do not understand how sick that is!”

In the fifteenth minute of his program on January 18, Forsen viewed a video of an Eagle Owl that a fan had recommended. He heard the hooting noise again and was startled when he discovered it was a text-to-speech donation that was playing in the background of the video.

He confessed that his donation notices were delayed and called the incident’s perfect timing “sick.” 

“First of all, my TTS (text-to-speech) is kind of delayed. For two reasons. People in the queue ahead of you and processing time of a donation.”

The audience erupted in laughter as Sebastian declared that the contribution alert’s perfect timing was deliberate: “This was, like, 15 donos later. Right? It’s not intended, chat.”