Hasan Piker and Felix “xQc” Lengyel are at their most tense ever. Their already “fractured relationship” began to deteriorate after xQc left Hasan off of his list of top streamers.

The situation erupted after xQc left ShitCamp in September. They engaged in a back-and-forth that seemed to signal the end of their friendship. Things have gotten even worse since then. Due to xQc’s handling of his breakup, the Twitch stars got into a social media brawl, and tensions are still high. When they were on a call with Mizkif to discuss Sliker’s scamming of individuals, this caused an awkward situation. Then, xQc referred to Hasan as a “snake.”

Hasan swiftly responded by labeling xQc a “piece of shit.” A fan questioned Hasan about xQc bringing up their beef while attempting to address a much more significant problem shortly after the session came to a conclusion. He said; “It doesn’t matter. xQc is a fucking child.”

The Twitch streamer didn’t hold back. He said; “Even though he is 27 years old, he is literally a manchild. A baby. He behaves like a fucking spoilt little kid because he is a spoilt little kid and his lifestyle will always be facilitated for the rest of his fucking life.”

He then struck back by bringing up the incident where xQc chewed on his toenail live. In response to the most recent controversy, Hasan stated, “I don’t give a shit about a dude who eats his toenails on camera, when we’re talking about something serious.”

It’s difficult to think that xQc and Hasan will be able to put their disagreements aside and make amends at this point. Although they have in the past, their relationship is at an all-time low. In the end, both in terms of substance and communities, they are very different streamers. Many people believe their friendship was possibly doomed from the beginning.