Twitch streamer that goes by the name GPHustla has managed to run the longest broadcast of all time as he has been live streaming for a whole year now.

Subathon streams have become a popular trend in the past months after Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren hosted his own and became a massive success. However, before this happens, one streamer has been live streaming for a long time now and that is twitch streamer GPHustla. GPHustla first started his long stream journey back on August 15, 2020 which was a year ago.

It all began with a 24 hour live broadcast but then it has continued to grow from 48 hours live to eventually 500 and now a full year and it seems like he has no plans on stopping very soon as he explained that his current goal was to stream for over 1000 days. On Twitter, GPHustla tweeted out stating that he was the first person in the history to spend a year of his life live streaming every minute.

During the long stream, he was playing games, watching videos, transitioning to an IRL stream, and hanging out with viewers. Because of this, some of his viewers were concerned about his mental health but GPHustla has revealed that his mental and physical health are taken care of and if they were ever threatened, he would stop the stream immediately.

GPHustla says that he is happy on doing the long stream and there are also a lot of people who have been telling him that he inspires them every time they check the stream seeing that he is still live. The past year has also seen some tremendous growth for GPHustla as he continues his rise to fame, including some impressive hosts from some top Twitch names such as Germany’s MontanaBlack.