Having the right equipment is essential for streaming, and one Twitch streamer’s cat made that requires a little more difficult.

While many gamers anticipate their favorite games, many of them also anticipate watching streamers play those same games. Livestreams have become synonymous with gaming itself, whether it’s their favorite Twitch player playing a new or classic title or getting ready for a stream of their own. While some Twitch streamers feature their pets in their streams, one recently had their cat literally crash their stream.

Live Streaming has evolved from a passing fad to a legitimate way for well-known gamers to make a living by talking to and interacting with fans, and it’s not something that just anyone can do. Fast and stable internet, a computer capable of handling the output streaming takes, and other costly equipment are all required.

Twitch Streamer Mrgoldenkey recently had just gone live on his channel and was in the process of setting up his stream when disaster struck. He can be seen surveying his settings as his chat tells him there’s no sound and asks if he’s muted in a clip shared to Reddit’s “r/LivestreamFail” subreddit but before he can even address the audio problem, his cat appears out of nowhere and leaps onto the top of his computer tower. As a result, the feline knocks it over, and the chaos quickly puts an end to the Twitch streamer. 

People on the LivestreamFail subreddit are amused and surprised by the said video, as some of them had no idea a cat could be so powerful as to easily knock over a computer tower. In honor of their strength, the commentators have given mrgoldenkey’s cat joking nicknames. This isn’t the first time a cat has stolen a Twitch streamer’s computer, and it won’t be the last.

The video is short and simple, but it’s easy to see why it made some people laugh, especially since an FFXIV stream was ruined by a cat a few months ago, eliciting similar laughter. The moment the streamer realizes that his pet has caused a problem, the clip stutters as the connection is lost before it fully ends, and the clip stutters as the connection is lost before it fully ends.

It serves as an excellent example of how, in addition to ensuring that their broadcast is operational, streamers must ensure that their equipment is properly protected. Despite the fact that the cat had no idea what was going on, it’s possible that the cat damaged mrgoldenkey’s computer tower as a result.

Computer towers are pricey and given that some Twitch streamers haven’t been paid properly, replacing such an important piece of technology could be a huge financial burden for unprepared streamers.