The Discord chats that FaZe Rain exchanged with Grace Van Dien, before their viral argument are being made public.

As a result of FaZe Rain openly sharing his Discord communications with the new FaZe recruit, the conflict between Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain has taken a new turn. For those who don’t know, Van Dien is the most recent creator to sign with FaZe Clan. She is most recognized for her role as Chrissy Cunningham in Season 4 of Stranger Things. Her inclusion in the organization, however, caused a backlash from FaZe Rain, one of the founding members. Rain made his feelings on the issue abundantly clear, lashing out at Van Dien for “making Stranger Things her entire personality” and calling her “excruciatingly mid, who I would never let touch me on my drunkest night.” 

Grace responded to Rain by bringing up his prior drug usage, drawing criticism from all quarters for the actress.

A few days later, the two finally got together to settle their dispute in a YouTube video, but things quickly got out of hand when Grace eventually left the conversation in tears and threatened to leave FaZe. Rain shared two screenshots of their Discord conversation on June 1 on his Instagram stories, detailing the communications they had before meeting up for their video. 

Rain apologizes to Grace in one of the screenshots and makes it clear that his problem was with FaZe’s corporate problems, not with her. “I really didn’t mean those things and I was just trolling,” Rain wrote. “I don’t know you like that or have anything against you and I’m sure you’re an amazing person and [I] actually feel so bad that you’ve felt hurt. I’m an idiot, I should have known that people were gonna spam post that clip. Genuinely sorry your feelings are hurt, I’m not sorry for the whole corporate stuff though lmfao, but dude you just got caught up in some unnecessary bullshit and it’s not fair to you.”

Rain then revealed some communications Grace had sent in response to him, in which she wished the founder of FaZe a happy birthday and suggested a meeting place. “Happy Birthday, Rain!” she replied. “I’m sorry for my out-of-line comment and appreciate you for reaching out to me outside of Twitter hell. Let me know when or where tomorrow — I can come to you!”

Commenting on the two posts, Rain said that he and Grace had already resolved their conflict before she arrived to record the video. “I thought we were just gonna be positive and squash it and send love her way. Like, this sh*t is not making any sense.” 

Not only that, but Rain asserted that Grace came up with the idea of filming the video in-person because he preferred to communicate with people over Discord.

“I wanted to do it on Discord,” he wrote. “You wanted to come over! Don’t think imma fold for sh*t I see or the narrative they’re trying to build. Not gonna work.”