During one of her recent livestreams, Twitch streamer and cosplayer Emily “Emiru” shared a hilarious story about how her good friend and One True King (OTK) co-founding member Matthew “Mizkif” snuck her into his gym without Emiru having a proper membership.

The Twitch streamer continued by mentioning the amusing details of the story, such as how the gym authorities caught the duo sneaking around the gym.

Emiru had started her daily livestream and had been on air for about a half-hour, catching up with the viewers and audiences in her Twitch chat. Emiru mentioned one of the funniest things she got caught up on while talking about various events in her life and iterating for her fans.

The Twitch streamer revealed that she spent the weekend hanging out with fellow content creators CrazySlick and Simply and went out with them for a couple of hours. She had acquired a new gym membership during the course of the event.

Giving more information about why she decided to join a new gym. Telling how members of this particular gym are not permitted to bring guests. A small burst of laughter escapes me.

For the next three hours, she continued to interact with her Twitch chat audience, where she was seen reacting to a variety of videos and clips sent to her by viewers. She was later seen playing League of Legends, one of her favorite games, in the second half of the stream.

The streamer’s clip and how she ended up getting a new gym membership sparked a somewhat polarizing reaction among fans and audiences on Reddit.

The streamer is one of One True King’s newest members, having joined the organization in 2022. She has risen to prominence in the streaming world since joining, with over 800k followers and an average viewership of 16k concurrent viewers.