Joaqun Domnguez AKA ElXokas, was in the middle of a storm a few days ago after it was discovered that he was using an anonymous Twitter account to attack his critics and disparage his professional colleagues’ work. He decided to take a break from live broadcasts and social media to reflect after being the target of criticism and insults for several days.

After a week of inactivity, the content creator returned to Twitch to talk about how he spent the previous few days and, more importantly, the conclusions he came to after causing a stir on social media. Of course, he did not abandon his trademark wit, mocking his own memes.

The streamer, who surpassed Ibai Llanos and Auronplay in terms of subscribers a few months ago, admitted that he has a problem and that his obsession with being the best in Spain has taken its toll on him. He also stated that he will seek professional assistance in order to thoroughly and objectively analyze his negative attitudes.

With a broken voice, the influencer explained that he used his free time to visit his family and friends, whom he had not seen in a long time because he used to spend so much time on Twitch.

He also mentioned that he went to a concert, which helped him distance himself from the controversy, though he insists that he is not attempting to forget or avoid what happened.

ElXokas expressed his dissatisfaction with being in his possession. He explains that, while he enjoys it when fans recognize him on the street and ask for photos, his hectic lifestyle causes him to have high levels of anxiety.