The latest installment of EA Sports’ popular franchise debuted at the beginning of the month, and many players have already begun to rise through the ranks. None, however, will be as impressive as James, who due to the rare TAR syndrome, plays the game with his feet.

TAR is a blood disorder that causes people to be born with shorter arms than they should be and it hasn’t stopped James from playing games, and he celebrated his achievement with a screenshot on Twitter on Friday evening.

This year’s game isn’t particularly simple to master. James, well done.

Last year, the Celtics supporter posted a video to his YouTube channel explaining his situation and how he plays games. James jams the controller into his bed to press the trigger buttons, then uses his toes to operate the rest of the controller.

According to The Scottish Sun and said that football is his life’s passion. On the football field at school, he was no Pele or [Diego] Maradona, but he was a whiz at football video games and added that special controllers were never used by him and that he has never used anything but the standard ones. All the way back to the Sega Mega Drive era.

He went on to say trying to make a living off of it because he thinks playing with his feet is a pretty unique selling point – in fact, it’s bizarre and completely insane and that many people nowadays make a living by streaming video games and his Twitch channel already has a sizable following, and he’s also doing YouTube live.

Also he said that when a streamer has a large enough following, they can start to build a revenue stream and on Twitch and YouTube, the community appears to have taken to James.

According to James people occasionally say to him that they’ve been beaten again by a guy who uses his feet and when he’s playing against friends and family, he’lll get a little cocky and take a drink of tea from a cup with both hands at the same time to annoy them, but that’s only when he’s playing against them.