Dream, the Minecraft star with 29 million subscribers, recently released merchandise on his own website for a limited time. Fans went into a frenzy and flooded the tweet when he announced it on Twitter. After that, he spent some time streaming on Twitch.

One of the most well-known Minecraft content creators of all time is Dream. He began making videos in 2019 and has since amassed over 29 million subscribers. As the faceless YouTuber became famous, his exponential growth blew the minds of several other content creators in less than four years.

Dream has stayed true to Minecraft and continues to create amazing content. He also runs Dream SMP, the most popular Minecraft server.

He announced a new clothing and accessory line to commemorate his YouTube channel’s 29 million subscribers. A custom-made coin, a hoodie, a bucket hat, and a beanie were featured in the announcement photo. 

For a limited time only, all of this will be available because the content creator has millions of followers across nearly every social media platform, his tweet went viral in minutes as fans and acquaintances flocked to it. They were just as excited for the stream he mentioned as they were for the new merch. His fans were especially ecstatic because he rarely streams on Twitch.

One of his closest friends, BadBoyHalo, made a witty remark in his tweet. He came up with a clever pun about how the merchandise is out of this world.

Another rising streamer, Velvet, joked that they’d have to sell their organs to afford one of the merch items.

Several people mentioned the merchandise and how they purchased it right away. While others joked about not being able to afford their favorite content creator’s expensive merch due to a lack of funds.

Aside from that, a number of fans were taken aback by the fact that their favorite content creator was about to stream. They quickly responded to the tweet, urging him to wait until they were ready to watch him stream before proceeding. They were overjoyed and ecstatic because they had been waiting for him to stream for a long time.