Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang, the team’s leader, has detailed what transpired during the dramatic Rust Twitch Rivals drama, in which 40 Spanish-speaking streamers stormed out of the event, claiming they were treated ‘unfairly.’

Twitch streamer Disguised Toast recently issued a tempting challenge via Twitter in January 2022, asking if any of his “mutuals” would be interested in a “$100k Rust 40v40 streamer event,” which resulted in an epic showdown between 40 of the most popular English-speaking streamers and 40 of the most popular Spanish content creators.

However, it didn’t take long for a heated debate to break out, with players from South and Latin America accusing their opponents of disrespecting their homeland. Team Alexby11 “broke the rules that they put in place,” the North American side responded.

Now, Disguised Toast has weighed in on the drama surrounding the cancellation of Twitch Rivals’ third and final day due to Team Alexby11’s withdrawal. Toast compiled a variety of footage from the tournament and provided a timeline of the events in an hour-long YouTube video to clarify what happened and his take on the event.

Toast appeared to be frustrated with Team Alexby11 and the amount of time the group had spent talking to the event administrators at one point in the video.

After the Spanish-speaking players dropped out on day three, the Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle came to an abrupt halt. Disguised Toast and his team were declared the winners as a result.

Although he admitted that explaining why the third day would not be held “didn’t go well” with Twitch and the sponsors.