DAY6’s Jae has been having a lot of fun lately, and MyDays, DAY6’s fandom name, has been happy for eaJ (Jae’s solo handle) because he has been through a lot recently.

Jae performed his set on the final day of the “Head In The Clouds 2021” festival at Brookside at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California (November 7) and returned home to California two days ago.

MyDays, DAY6’s fandom name, were overjoyed when Jae introduced himself not only as eaJ but also as ‘Jae of DAY6.’ To add to the excitement, Jae even performed a small portion of DAY6’s hit song, “Zombie!”

Jae, who is friends with other HITC headliners, made an appearance not only on the day of his performance, but also on the first day. The DAY6 member took the stage during DPR LIVE’s performance to perform their collaboration single “Jam & Butterfly”!

DPR LIVE introduced him as ‘DPR eaJ,’ rather than eaJ or DAY6’s Jae,’ which Jae adored because he felt truly appreciated!

Jae made it official by changing his Twitter handle to “DPR eaJ,” but he has since reverted to “eaJ.” Regardless, Jae is now an honorary member of DPR, and fans are loving it!

To top it off, not long after his guest appearance during the DPR set at 88rising’s “Head In The Clouds 2021,” Jae shared a heartfelt message on Twitter!

Fans are ecstatic, as a DPR eaJ fanart has surfaced online and received a lot of love, and to add to the DAY6 member’s joy, Jae recently announced exciting news.

The DAY6 member will return to Twitch streaming after a long hiatus!

According to Jae’s announcement on Twitter, he will resume streaming on a regular basis!

Jae’s tweet for Day 6 is as follows:

“I’m planning to start streaming in January and would like to have a conversation with a platform. Who should I email?”

Fans have also been reassured as DAY6’s Jae has confirmed that he will remain a member of the group! Click here to read the entire story.