In order to maintain viewers’ attention, clickbait frequently works by inciting outrage or excitement. With entire channels dedicated to posting clickbait videos, YouTube is not an exception to the clickbait phenomenon. 

Twitch streamer Disguised Toast is currently criticizing clickbait channels and threatening to take legal action against those who run them.

For YouTubers, clickbait channels and the temptation to use clickbait to advance one’s career have become major issues. Things started to go south for ItsOwen earlier this year after he was banned from YouTube for creating clickbait videos to capitalize on the tragic passing of “Minecraft” creator Technoblade.

Even representatives of the video game industry have criticized clickbait in the past, claiming that it generates unfavorable press for their organizations, as was the case when the comments of a Unity CEO sparked a controversy.

Here is Disguised Toast’s opinion on clickbait and how he intends to respond to those who would harm him.

Speaking about his tour of a love hotel, which is essentially Japan’s equivalent of hourly rate “no-tell” motels, Jeremy Wang, also known as Disguised Toast, was mentioning the existence of themed love hotels when he transitioned to a discussion of clickbait. Disguised Toast criticized clickbait channels on his Twitch channel and expressed his frustration with them. The streamer made it clear that he would no longer put up with people misrepresenting him by removing context from videos in order to gain clicks. He made it clear that this was no idle threat.

He plans to report violators of his copyright to YouTube and have them banned if he discovers instances of his clips being used as clickbait. He quickly dropped the subject and moved on to a more pleasant subject, but it was clear that he’s been thinking about this problem lately.

Disguised Toast’s comments received a lot of positive feedback from viewers, who encouraged him in the chat. Scrolling up the screen were phrases like “get them toast” and “Call them out.” Although the streamer has recently talked about how difficult it is for him to stay inspired and produce content, it is clear that his fans continue to support him and his passion for his craft. We’ll have to wait and see if this stops clickbaiters in the future.